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magic toolbox affiliate image
CubeCart eCommerce Software - Free 45 Day Trial

3-Day Free Demo Banner

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3-Day Free Demo Banner
3-Day Free Demo Banner

Price: FREE  
Product Code: 3-DH17
File Size:  76.7 KB
Author:  Mark


This product has been downloaded 910 times.

This is a free, 3-day demo version of our Store Promotion Banner. You may download this demo for a three 3-day trial. This banner is suitable for use as a signature banner in the CubCart™ forums.

Limitations of the Free Demo Banner

You must have Apache server to use this banner as a forum signature

• You must have the ability to add an .htaccess in your store's root folder. Instructions included.

• This banner will expire after three days from the time it is activated.

• Banner templates are not configurable for the demo. The banner template will be the one shown here.

• Font colors are not configurable in the demo banner.

Only three options are available for testing with the demo: Store name on/off, Product image on/off, and refresh rate.

The full licensed versions does not have these limitations; there are many configurable options and banner choices in the licensed version.

 More About the Fully Licensed Version

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