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Custom Product Banners

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Custom Product Banners
Custom Product Banners
Custom Product Banners
Custom Product Banners

Custom Product Banners

Price: 10.00  
Product Code: CUSN19
File Size:  129.2 KB
Author:  Mark

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This mod allows you to add a banner to any product page, for managing product-specific banners! This mod is useful for allowing vendors to advertise on pages where their products appear, for instance, XYZ company manufacturers product "thing" which you sell. You may allow XYZ company to put a banner on the product page which links back to their own website.

Another use is in combination with our "In-house Affiliates/Vendors" mod by Milos. For a fee, you may allow your affiliate vendors to place their banner on their product pages.

This mod is useful for any purpose you can imagine to use product-specific banners at your site!

Fully configurable in Admin Control Panel, the mod usage instructions will highlight the powerful features of this mod:


>> Login to ACP

>> Navigate to Modules > 3rd Party > Custom Product Banners > Configure

• The mod will automatically update your store database, and you should
see a message indicating this. If the update is unsuccessful, please
contact our helpdesk at before proceeding.

• Set the status to "Enabled" and press "Edit Config" button

• Choose "yes" or "no" for showing banners in storefront. When mod is
enabled and this is set to "no", you will be able to manage banners in
add/edit product pages in Admin Control Panel without having the banners
appear in store front end. Note that when mod is disabled you cannot
manage any banners. When you set this to yes, any product banners can be
set for customers to see in store front end.

• Set target for banner links. Banner links may be opened in a new window or tab,
or may be opened in the same window, your choice.

• Enabling "Currently Set Banners" section will create a gallery of all currently
set banners at bottom of this configuration page. You may click on any banner to
go to the edit product page in order to manage the banner settings.

• Enabling the "Easy Upload Feature" allows you to use the mod's built-in upload
browser, that uploads images to the store's images/productBanners folder. If you use
FTP instead you may want to disable this upload browser for security purposes.

• Click "Edit Config" to save any changes you have made.


>> Navigate to Catalog > View pRODUCTS

• Locate any PRODUCT that you want to add a banner for, and go to the edit product page

• Near the bottom of the edit product page, you will see the new section for managing banners.

• Put in the exact name of an image file that exists in the images/productBanners folder. The
name is case sensitive, it must be the exact name of any image there, like "banner_image.jpg"
If Easy Upload is enabled, you will see a button for uploading an image from this page if need be.

• Add a link for the banner, in this format, ""

• Add an ALT text for the banner. This is the text that will be shown if for any reason the image
cannot be shown in a user's browser. Note that search engines read alt texts for images in search
of keywords.

• Add a TITLE text for the banner. This is the text that will be shown as a "tool tip" when a mouse
cursor is placed on the image.

• Enable the banner for this product if you want it to appear immediately in your store front end. Note
that the "Show Banners in Storefront?" setting on the module configuration page must also be set to
yes before banners appear in storefront.

• You must click Add Product or Edit Product button for banner settings to be addd or changed.

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