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Clock Script from

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Clock Script from
Clock Script from

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Another CubeCart "tutorial" ~ Many have asked about the script we use to show a javascript clock near the bottom of our page. I have bundled this up into a little mod package and made it available for free download.

The javascript is not original, this clock was cobbled from scripts found on the web and customized for We are glad to offer this with our free CubeCart tutorials as a starting point for others looking for a custom clock script.

You may purchase installation and extended support for this script. I will install this script at your site and customize the design to match your site for those who are not sure how to do this. Please use the following product link to purchase $30 worth of "skin tweaking"
• Type "Tweaking Javascript Clock" in the work agreed upon area
• Open Helpdesk ticket to discuss the details

Support Purchase Link:

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