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Favorite Products Slideshow CC4

Favorite Products Slideshow CC4
Favorite Products Slideshow CC4

Price: 15.00  
Product Code: FAVE41
File Size:  40.8 KB
Author:  Mark

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This mod will add a fading slideshow in a sidebox in your store's front end, showing product image thumbnails as slides. The mod is fully configurable in admin section.

You can change the slideshow title, the slideshow speed, background color, number of slides to rotate, whether or not to show product names beneath the images, whether or not to pause the show on mouseover, and whether or not to randomize the showlist.

The CC4 version contains some powerful and helpful new features, like global database utilities related to the slideshow and a gallery of all images that are set to show, wich are linked to the edit product page associated with each image.

This has been a very popular mod in CC3, now published and improved for CC4.3.0

> View the mod in action here

You may open a helpdesk ticket and request access if you wish to test the admin settings side of this mod.


>> Navigate to Modules > 3rd Party > Products Slideshow CC4 > Configure

• The mod will automatically update your store database, and you should
see a message indicating this. If the update is unsuccessful, please
contact our helpdesk at before proceeding.

• Set the status to "Enabled" and press "Edit Config" button

• Change title of Slideshow if desired

• Set the slideshow speed (1000 = 1 second; each slide will display
1 second before fading; 4000 = 4 seconds, etc.)

• Set "Number of slides to show:" to the maximum number of
slides you want to rotate. Be sure to enable at least the same
number of products to show in the slideshow.

    Special Note a. You should set this to the same number or less
    than the number of products that have been set to include
    in slideshow. You could have 1,000 products set to include in
    slideshow, yet only 10 to show in ACP and this is fine.
    Special Note b. You should avoid setting this number very high.
    A resonable maximum number of slides to show is usually 20 or so
    depending on image sizes, server speeds, etc. A large number of
    slides may greatly slow down your page loads and frustrate your
• Set the background color for fade effects. This needs to be
exactly the same color as is in the box in which you are
displaying the slideshow.

• Choose whether to display the product names below the image in your
slideshow. If you choose yes, you should also choose a size for the space
in which the text will appear. This will vary according to the lengths of
your product names, so you may fine-tune and adjust the size of this space.
A default value is set, so leave the default values and check the slideshow,
then adjust the space as necessary.

• An option is given to remove styles from the product name. This feature
has been included because the Carreta skins in CubeCart 4 do not use styles
on the product name, and skins based on Carreta skins may also look better
if the styles are removed. Use this by trial and error to see which setting
looks best in your slideshow.

• Choose whether you want the slideshow to pause on mouseover.

• Choose whether to randomize the slide list. If no, the slides will always
rotate in the order they appear in the database. If yes, thEn each time you
start the slideshow afresh, a random order for the slides will be created.
The slides will then rotate in that new random order indefinitely. Each time
the page is refreshed and slideshow newly created, a new random order will
be made for the slidelist.

• Choose whether to enable Global Database Utilities.

• Choose whether to enable the Currently Set to Show feature.

• Click "Edit Config" to save any changes you have made.

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