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Category Slideshows V3

Product Location: ~ Mods v3 ~ Category Mods
Category Slideshows V3
Category Slideshows V3
Category Slideshows V3
Category Slideshows V3

Category Slideshows V3

Price: 20.00  
Product Code: CATK32
File Size:  408.9 KB
Author:  Mark

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A robust category slideshows mod with many features, this mod will allow you to add a unique slideshow to any category in your store. The administration for this mod feautures the ability to make global settings on a mod configuration page where you control slideshow size, colors (for pagination,  navigation arrows and optional ribbons), transitions, speed, etc. and includes aspect ratio calculation for those to whom such things matter.

Administration of particular, individual slideshows is performed on the add/edit category page for the category for which the slideshow is added. There, you may upload, order, add or delete images for the show, control alt and title texts, add links to each slide if desired, set target for opening links, etc.

A different slideshow can be arranged for as many or as few categories as you desire. Unlimited numbers of slides can be added, enabled or deleted at will. Also, any slideshow added to any TOP-LEVEL category can be set as "master" to automatically appear on subcategories beneath it if desired.

A fuller list of features follows below:


- Slideshow is based on jquery, the engine is "slidesjs" from which has been modified and fully integrated into CubeCart 3 for you.
- Two transition effects are included, sliding effect and cross-fade effect.
- Installation is relatively simple, and should take no more than 15-30 minutes.
- Great cross-browser support, the mod has been tested with latest versions of IE, FireFox, Chrome and Safari on Windows platform


1. Global general settings:
- Language-sensitive slides, for truly multi-lingual stores
- Hide category image if desired, for any category with a slideshow added and enabled
- Slideshow size: Control size to fit perfectly with your store design
- Speed: Control speed to the millisecond
- Color scheme: Choice of black, white, gray, red, blue, green or violet
- Whether to pause on mouseover
- Whether to randomize order of slides
- Transition: Sliding or Cross-fading
- Transition speeds to the millisecond
- Adjust space above or below show to fit design perfectly
- Quick view of all categories with slideshows at a glance, with quick link to each category settings page

2. Individual slideshow settings
- Add a show to as many or as few categories as you wish
- Enable/disable any category's slideshow quickly and easily
- Upload slide images to the server for any given category using built-in image uploader
- Delete images for the server easily when no longer needed
- Add slides to the category and enable/disable individual slides easily
- Delete slides easily, with or without deleting images from server
- Add/edit alt and title texts for slides
- Add/edit links for slides
- Set target for links (new window, same window)
- Add a banner ribbon to the slideshow if desired (Specials!, New!, SALE!, Bonus!)
- If category is top-level, you can set the slideshow as "master" to apply it to subcategories
- If your store is multi-lingual, you can add slides, links, alt and title per languages available

Front end

- Size and position the shows to fit your category page perfectly
- Color schemes are included to help tailor the slideshows to your store design

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