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Legend Skin - Full Screen Version

Product Location: ~ Skins v3 ~ Fullscreen Stock Skins
Legend Skin - Full Screen Version
Legend Skin - Full Screen Version

Price: 0.99  
Product Code: LEGX1
File Size:  255.9 KB
Author:  Mark

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This is the Legend Skin that comes stock with CubeCart™ - but this is my


This is a full-screen version that really works. It will auto-adjust to the size of the browser window with no horizontal scrollbars, from 800 and wider screen resolutions.


I'll be glad to install your logo, custom bullets and banners for an additional $15.00! I can change the colors of this skin throughout for $35.00! I will install this skin on your server for $20.00! Simply choose your options from the dropdowns below, and open a helpdesk ticket so we can discuss the project. You may also leave notes in the text field below outlining what you need done.

Example Stores:

Please note, these are live stores where our customers purchased Full Screen Legend Skin along with custom color designs and installation, and our Advanced Expanding Category Links mod with custom template. Any purchases made at these stores will be real purchases!

Critical Mass Audio -

Zynnergy Electronics Store -

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